Aims and Scope

The purpose of this society is to promote the academic development of occupational therapy in Korea (Republic of) through research on occupational therapy and occupational therapeutic skill.
In order to achieve the above purpose, this society will carry out the following work.
- Journal publication (Korean Journal of Occupational Therapy; KJOT)
- Refresher and extension for occupational Therapists
- International academic exchange for occupational therapy
- Occupational therapy training (education)
- Other
When manuscripts in a field related to occupational therapy is submitted, the journal improves understanding of occupational therapy by reviewing and publishing manuscripts in a filed related to occupational therapy, and contributes to the development of occupational therapy by examining academic research and new theories.
KJOT is a manuscript in the filed related to occupational therapy. Related fields are as follows: Occupational therapy, psychosocial occupational therapy, work/pre-work occupational therapy, musculoskeletal occupational therapy, neurological occupational therapy, cognitive/perceptual occupational therapy, hand (occupational) therapy, community occupational therapy, occupational therapy for developmental disabilities (children), elderly occupational therapy, activities of daily living evaluation and training, sensory integration, occupational science, Other.

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